What is Coaching

Coaching is a different process than therapy. Typically, therapy explores your past and how those past experiences are effecting you now. Therapists can also diagnose mental health disorders and focus their treatment accordingly. Coaching takes a different approach. Here, you take a look your present situation and work to achieve your future goals. Coaching is more situational, which fits the needs of divorce coaching perfectly. As your divorce coach, I will work with you on specific goals and develop an action plan to get you there.

Coaching will help you:

  • Find a confident voice in the divorce process
  • Gain clarity with difficult decisions
  • Develop skills to help manage conflict with your ex
  • Build a solid divorce and/or parenting plan
  • Diminish the negative effects of the divorce process for your children and yourself
  • Establish clear and comfortable boundaries with your ex
  • Gain skills as a single parent and co-parent
  • Explore career transition to gain financial independence
  • Navigate dating and new relationships
  • Develop healthy blended families
  • Significantly lower attorney fees by working through issues outside of the attorney’s office
  • Receive an unbiased perspective from someone who understands the divorce process

With divorce coaching, you will not just be moving on, but THRIVING AHEAD.