Pre-divorce services

Making the final decision to get a divorce is a big step. It’s not what you envisioned when you got married and often leaves you questioning your choice. Even if the choice is crystal clear, it is still a very difficult decision. Pre-divorce coaching can take the confusion and self doubt out of the equation. I will help you identify and recognize the state of your current marriage and weigh all of the options. We will work through your fears and you will finish with a confident decision no matter what direction you choose.

Ready to Get to Work?

I offer several coaching packages to meet everyone where they are. Every option includes a 30 minute complimentary consultation call. We can get to know each other and discuss how coaching can benefit your life in a positive way. As always, you are in the driver’s seat. You can then choose the service package that best suits your needs.

A la Carte:

  • Single 60 minute session for $160
  • Local face to face, video chat, or phone session availability
  • Perfect for a quick need for clarity or additional services as needed

4 or 8 Session Packages:

  • Four 60 minute sessions for $620
  • Eight 60 minute sessions for $1,200

Packages include:

  • Local face to face, video chat or phone session availability
  • Email and text support during package timeframe
  • Significant savings compared to single sessions

Highly Recommend

“She was not only my guide, and my coach, but also one of my biggest cheerleaders. I highly recommend her services.”

Thriving Ahead Client

Navigating Divorce

“I felt like I was lost and alone in a completely foreign territory until I met Meghan. Whether it was meeting in person, or communication through emails, phone calls, or text messages, Meghan was always available to help me navigate one of the most challenging chapters of my life.”

Thriving Ahead Client

A Smart Decision

“You have been a tremendous help to me throughout the divorce process. Hiring you was the smartest decision that I made.”

Thriving Ahead Client

Forever Grateful

“If you’re in need of resources to read, examples of document structures, or language to use within them, in addition to incredible moral support and understanding, you need to contact Meghan. Like myself, I have no doubt you will be forever grateful you did.”

Thriving Ahead Client

Freedom to Choose

“Thank you so much for helping me get through one of the most difficult decisions of my life.  You came highly recommended and were there for me when I didn’t know which way to turn. You let me cry, you assigned me homework, and you gave me freedom to make my own choices. I now know I can make a change on my own.  For that, I will always be grateful.”

Thriving Ahead client